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We have moved to a beautiful new facility 1043 S. Bass Rd.

Special Friends Need Special Care

Our professional staff will customize a care regimen to meet the specific needs of your dog, cat and other family pets.. Maybe Muffin likes her biscuits first thing in the morning, and then again late afternoon ... Fido may need his heart worm medicine at the first of the month. Our expert staff is here to accommodate your pet.

At Bass Pet Resort & Spa, Orlando's premier pet facility, we understand the important role your pet plays in your life. When your dog, cat and other family pets can't share your accommodations while on vacation, be assured that they will receive quality care, personalized attention, and a relaxing atmosphere during their stay with us at Bass Pet Resort & Spa.

We offer a first class multi-million dollar facility with plenty of TLC as well as professional, caring staff ready to accommodate all your dog, cat and other family pets needs. Unlike typical boarding facilities, for our canine companions we have spacious indoor/outdoor accommodations with private patios and luxurious suites. For our feline friends we have extra large condos with a window view or you can choose a suite upgrade complete with TV and window. Bass Pet Resort & Spa's repeat business is a testament to this popular vacation destination, located only minutes outside the gates of Walt Disney World and Orlando. Guests vacation here year round from across the country and locals utilize the facility routinely while having standing reservations.

We Offer Accommodations For Other PETs, Too! 

We have facilities to care for your feathered friends - birds are most welcome, as are ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits and turtles. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Phone: (407) 396-6031 | E-mail: pet@basspetmotel.com

“Can’t thank you enough for all the years of love and care you gave Kit. It was such a testimony to you that when we would turn the corner at Wal-Mart, she would get so excited and couldn’t wait to get out of the car.” 

-Branda and Crescent’s California Adventure (Kit’s true identity)

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